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Hopewell Church Seeks Director of Youth Outreach


The Director of Youth Outreach will guide and direct the process of building a  community-wide program ​that seeks to serve the spiritual development of youth in the  Hopewell community, starting with the youth of Hopewell Presbyterian Church.
This is 25hr/week position for the first 6 months at which point more hours may be added.
$28,000 – $30,000 annually
Pastor and the Personnel Committee of Hopewell Presbyterian for the first 6 months.
The Hopewell Presbyterian Church is committed to helping the community grow in their  relationship with God, themselves, and one another. The Director of Youth Outreach is a  new position, created to support the ministry of Hopewell Presbyterian but with the  primary goal of establishing a new program that cares for the spiritual development  of youth in the Hopewell community​. As the program is designed and established, the  position of Director of Youth Outreach will evolve. The following results and  responsibilities are set for a short-term period of 6-months at which point they may evolve  in conversation with the HPC pastor.

Application should be sent by January 31, 2021


             Pastor Melissa Martin

             Hopewell Presbyterian Church

             80 W. Broad St.

             Hopewell, NJ 08525

Or by Email to



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