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Ewing-Covenant Church Seeks Church Custodian/Sexton Position Description


Position:      Church Custodian/Sexton

Status:         Part Time (hourly)

Hours & Days           Must be available on-site 5 days per week, one day of which would be     Sunday; exact schedule to be developed based on usage of facilities. In  emergencies, evening or night-time duties may be necessary.

Hours worked would be a minimum of 10 hours per week, to be extended to as much as 20 hours per week post-Covid pandemic

Salary:         Hourly rate of $15-$20 per hour, depending upon skills and experience

Benefits:      Eligible for sick leave. When working 20 hours per week or more, eligible for paid holidays. No other benefits are provided

Reports to:  Pastor

The work activities and hours of this staff member are directed by the Office Manager, the Chairperson of the Operations Committee, and the Pastor of the Church. This person is responsible for the inside and outside care of the buildings and grounds on the Church campus, as described in the Primary Responsibilities and Essential Job Functions below.

Primary Responsibilities:

Monitor and maintain the following buildings on the Church campus: Fellowship Hall meeting rooms, the Worship Space, the kitchen, the Education Wing, the Red and White Building, the Church Office Building; and the Scout/Quoits Hut, following the established maintenance schedule.

(At this time, the custodian is not responsible for the 1867 Sanctuary, which is located across the street from the main campus. Furthermore, janitorial services for the Church buildings are provided by separate outside contractors who conduct a majority of the cleaning services, with several exceptions noted in the duties and responsibilities listed below.)

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Indoors Duties:

  • Keep the facilities neat and orderly
  • Unlock and lock buildings and rooms as needed
  • Restock paper products in restrooms on a daily basis in Church Office, Fellowship Hall, and Red & White Building
  • Empty all interior and exterior trash buckets and recycling buckets into proper receptacles/dumpsters on a daily basis
  • Set up and take down chairs and tables for worship services, Church committee meetings, meetings of external groups, and other scheduled events (coordinated through Office Manager) (reduced during Covid-19 pandemic) * (see note below)
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, sanitize surfaces (touch-points, tables, chairs) as needed after meetings or other group activities
  • Place recycling buckets for glass, cans, and recyclable plastics at curb, according to the township recycling schedule
  • Monitor and order supplies to maintain an adequate inventory (through the Office Manager)
  • Flush boilers in Red & White Building and Church Office Building on a regular basis, following the established schedule
  • Monitor facilities in order to identify upkeep needs or problems in a timely manner. Perform duties such as touching-up paint or making minor repairs as needed, in consultation with Operations Group Chairperson and Pastor. Inform Operations Group Chairperson of other repairs or maintenance that would require an outside contractor. Be available to provide access to buildings for and to oversee work of outside contractors.
  • Program all heating and air conditioning controls for each season
  • Replace batteries in all thermostats, remotes for ductless units, and CO detectors as part of a routine annual maintenance plan
  • Replace interior and exterior light bulbs as needed
  • Spot-clean as needed

Duties for Opening Campus for Sunday Morning Service:

(to occur once the congregation has returned to in-person worship)

  • Open up campus: Unlock doors, check that heat/air conditioning is running properly, turn on lights
  • Assist with set up of tables for hospitality time
  • Assist Christian Education leaders with any set up required in the Adult Lounge
  • Close up campus: Ensure that windows and all exterior doors are closed and locked; turn off lights.

Outdoor Duties:

  • Keep the grounds looking neat: Sweep walkways, entryways and steps; sweep and clear debris from the area around the loading dock and dumpster; rake out leaves from flower beds and bushes around the buildings; clean up general debris and branches from the grounds and parking lot
  • Prune and trim shrubs, bushes, and small trees around the buildings and parking lots
  • Water flower beds
  • Spray weed killer on plants growing in pavements
  • Winterize hoses and outdoor water spigots
  • Remove snow from sidewalks and entryways and treat them for ice as needed (Note: An outside contractor is responsible for snow removal, but stairs and entryways may need attention before the contractor arrives.)

Essential Job Functions:


  • Facilitate the day-to-day functioning of the Church campus
  • Monitor facilities, report to the office staff and Operations Group Chairperson any problems found on the Church campus, and respond to such problems as able
  • Report on the general condition of the Church campus to the Operations Group Chairperson
  • Perform any duties specified by the Pastor
  • Able to lift 25-30 pounds; able to work from a ladder
  • Have access to a personal vehicle and possess a valid driver’s license
  • Maintain confidentiality of all personnel matters and other sensitive issues

Knowledge and Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of general maintenance and use of tools and equipment
  • Interpersonal skills for dealing with the public
  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Successful completion of background check with fingerprinting (conducted at Church expense)
  • Compliance with Safe Church Policy

Review and Accountability:

Oversight, probationary review, and annual performance review by Pastor, Operations Group Chairperson, and Personnel Committee Chairperson.

* – Custodian/sexton is eligible, with the right of first refusal, to perform additional duties associated with weddings, funerals, or other special events that are hosted by individuals or outside groups. Compensation for these events would be through direct contracted payment made by the individual or organization hosting the event.

If interested, contact Cindy Strain at

Updated February 2021





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