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Greetings all,
                    Just wanted to let you know that various members of our Presbytery are working toward resources and a service that can be shared with your congregation on the 12th or on another date you would choose. Pieces are coming in. All pieces are to be put into the drive by the 6th of July. We hope to have a full service for you to pick up by the 8th.
You can check here to drop pieces off or pick them up.
We are also working towards a service for August as well.
All are welcome to use the parts and the pieces or whole service as it cares for your congregation and yourself.
Please take some time off. Really unplug! It will all be here when we get back. We can’t care for others if we aren’t caring for ourselves. MK 12:28-31 includes loving ourselves.
Others are also inviting neighboring congregations to “Visit” or share worship in an attempt to offer space, pastoral care and coverage for sabbath. Don’t hesitate to reach out to neighboring churches and pastors for this kind of collaboration as well.
It has been a long run. We need to find space and care for ourselves so we can care and walk alongside our congregations and communities.
Let’s keep being creative and stepping out. If anyone would have said we would be doing ministry and worship like this 6 months ago we would have shaken our heads and yet here we are.
Rooted in Christ the Spirit continues to gather us,
use us and do the bold loving ministry of God.
Peace be with each of you and your congregations.
Rev. Sharyl Dixon

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