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Understanding Why: Looking at the Pandemic Through a Trauma-Informed Lens


You are invited to the remaining part of our series  to learn about trauma-informed approaches to ministry…and life! Trauma expert and Elder Rebecca Bryan, DNP, will share the neuroscience behind, and the principles of, trauma-informed thinking. Opportunities for interaction and resilience-promoting practices will be offered during our time together.

You are welcome to attend the seminars on Zoom.

Thursday – July 30th at 2 pm

Zoom meeting ID: 347 372 8718

Password WJP

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The Facilitator:

Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Bryan is an adult nurse practitioner serving on Presbyterian Credo Team Gable as the physical health faculty. She is also the Director of Professional Nursing Development at Rutgers University-Camden, and has a consulting business through which she blogs about trauma-informed care and offers workshops. Her passion is to raise awareness about trauma-informed approaches to care, particularly about the impact of childhood adversity on health across the lifespan. In 2012 she founded the UrbanPromise Ministries Wellness Center in Camden, NJ, with evidence-based initiatives grounded in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) research; she now volunteers at Urban to promote wellness. Becky lives in Haddonfield, NJ with her husband Michael, where she is an Elder and active member of First Presbyterian Church.


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