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Somerset Church Seeks Maintenance Person


Somerset Presbyterian Church (SPC) is considering hiring a part-time or hourly as-needed maintenance person to be the “go-to” person for general maintenance of the Church building and grounds rather than the Building Commission Chair(s) looking for volunteers or contractors for maintenance and general construction project.

SPC was built in the 60s and early 70s and is a simple 1-story building that currently houses a tenant daycare / pre-school. Cleaning services are already being addressed separately.

We would like to hear from other Churches in our Presbytery as to what your Property/Building commission or committee has found works, or doesn’t, re:

–          Job descriptions including responsibility for small tools

–          Reporting structure – to office or to Building Commission Chair

–          How materials are invoiced or reimbursed

–          Employment status – fixed monthly rate for minimal hours or as-needed hourly

–          Annual Budget allowed (particularly for similar aged buildings)

–          Any other helpful suggestions or observations

Please reply / email to Gigi Hansen, SPC B&G Outgoing Chair at:, copy incoming co-chairs Sharon McAuff at:, and Wallace Greene at:


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