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Please click here for our Pulpit Supply list as of June 2020

Also, there are seminary students who are available for Pulpit Supply.  If any congregation is interested in using them,  please fill out the seminary’s pulpit supply request form at:

After the completed form is submitted, you will be sent a copy of the PTS Pulpit Supply List. From there, you can select and contact participants directly, check availability, and make all necessary arrangements.

So you know, the suggested minimum honorarium is $150 for one service, plus $50 for each additional service on the same day. The honorarium should be paid the day of the service(s).  Mileage expense should also to be covered at the current IRS rate of 58 cents per mile.

Also, while we do have some students available now, we are in the process of updating our list and adding new students, which we hope to have completed within a week or two.


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