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Recognizing that many families need help in securing food in these difficult times, Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of New Brunswick are donating up to $500 to churches and church-affiliated groups for food assistance. Single $100 grants are available on a first-applied-first-granted basis. Funds will be granted as requests are received until the $500 amount is exhausted.
Those who would like a $100 grant are asked to send a short note describing their food assistance programs and how the money will be used. Requests should include contact information for an individual authorized to speak for the church or church-affiliated group and should be sent to Lorraine Jackson, acting-moderator of Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of New Brunswick,
Individuals who wish to contribute additional funds to this grant program (to allow more grants to be awarded) are asked to contact Su-Ling Lai, Treasurer of Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of New Brunswick, for details of how to contribute.
Amidst the dire news of Covid-19 our Presbyterian Women’s Treasurer,
Su-ling Lai, has some great news for our Food Grant program: we have received several generous donations to add to our available funds! We can now award more grants to those needing them for their food distribution programs. As of May 1st, however, we had yet to receive any requests. We are hopeful that more Pastors will reach out to those local organizations within their communities who may need some financial assistance for their food distribution activities and will partner with them in encouraging them to apply for a grant. A simple email requesting funds and stating a brief description of the program, and contact information to Lorraine Jackson at is all that is needed. Please, everyone, all we are asking is to shake the tree.
Shortly after PW made its announcement about the Food Grants, several generous Donors stepped forward, more than doubling the amount of funds available to us to award. Therefore, I am are very excited to announce that we have doubled the amount of the awards, and thus far have given funds to 6 programs; a seventh one is currently in the works. These include Bayard Street Presbyterian Church, Bound Brook Presbyterian Church, Dayton Presbyterian Church, Ewing Presbyterian Church, Frenchtown Presbyterian Church, and Westminster Presbyterian Church in partnership with Capital Area YMCA (for support of Emergency Grab n`Go Meal Distribution program). Two of these programs in particular, Westminster’s and Bound Brook’s have stepped in to help replace the loss of school lunches for students whose schools have been closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We all wish we could do more for these programs in particular! Perhaps others in the Presbytery will also make donations so we can increase our awards. (Our Treasurer, Su-ling Lai is eager to accept any donations for our PW program!) We do have funds for a few more grants, so if there are any new applicants who would like to apply, I would like to encourage their letters of application to me by June 20, 2020: Lorraine Jackson,

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