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Letter and Survey from Thia Reggio, Central NJ Presbytery facilitator


Good People:

Click here for a letter from Thia Reggio, facilitator for the new Central New Jersey Presbytery transition process.

Now that the presbytery has concurred with the Synod of the Northeast plan for reorganizing the presbyteries in New Jersey there is a lot of transition work to be done. Most of the congregations in the Presbytery of New Brunswick will become part of the new central presbytery in New Jersey.  The Synod of the Northeast has called the reverend Thia Reggio to coordinate that transition work for the new central presbytery.

She invites all interested ministers and elders to participate in a survey to identify our major mission interests and commitments. Understanding our mission is the underpinning for all structural and procedural decisions that need to be made for the new presbytery.

There is also a guide to what the transition teams will be for the new central presbytery and an invitation to volunteer for work with one of them.

Please prayerfully consider participating in this survey.

The link for the survey is given in the cover letter attached, but here it is as well:

I know it is the holy day season, but it is important that we take time for this now.

Thank you


Paul  La Montagne

Stated Clerk

Presbytery of New Brunswick

13 South Main St

Pennington NJ 08534

(215) 589-2467


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