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From John Fong, Digital Disciples Ministry & Communications Consultant
I know most churches are focused on just staying connected with your current members, but there’s a great opportunity to attract new online families by slightly adjusting your distance ministry focus and still minister to your congregation. Here is one relatively simple strategy that will help your church attract children/youth/families and may also help virtually energize your congregation!
Offer Free Community virtual Arts & Crafts workshops/classes.
  • Maybe one of your members is a teacher or artist. Ask that person if they would be willing to provide simple art lessons once a week online.
  • The church provides arts & crafts supplies that families can pick up from church and/or deliver. This will enable you to get contact info, establish new relationships and generate more community word of mouth.
  • Ask the rest of the congregation to invite their grandchildren, nieces/nephews, family and neighbors from the larger community to participate, this process can also energize your congregation.
  • stablish another FB group/FB Room (like Zoom) for these virtual art classes. This will enable you to stay in contact with these new families and start developing new members.
  • Once you have children/youth participating ask them to invite at least one new friend consistently. Over a few months you will have enough children/youth for a more conventional Children/Youth ministry.
  •  I can provide free virtual lessons, set up a new FB group/Room, help with promotion, organizing, follow up and engagement strategies to get your church started.
  •  If you need help just send me a note! Have a blessed and safe day!
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