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Frenchtown Presbyterian Church Seeks Full Time Temporary Pastor


The Frenchtown Presbyterian Church, Frenchtown, NJ, is seeking a full-time Pastor to the congregation. The Pastor will work with the leadership of the congregation and the Administrative Commission of the Presbytery of New Brunswick to continue the work of healing, visioning, and building the ministry of the Frenchtown congregation.  The initial contract for this position will be two years, and includes Pastor Participation in the Board of Pensions, PC (USA).   Contact Rev. Paul Rhebergen for information and application

Phone: 609-947-3748

Frenchtown Presbyterian Church

PO Box 114 Frenchtown, NJ 08825


Congregation Size: 101-250

Average Worship Attendance: 92

Church School Attendance – 16  Church School Curriculum – “Holy Moly” and “Godly Play”

Ethnic Composition of Congregation: White 98%; Other 2%

Presbytery: New Brunswick       Synod: Northeast          Community Type: Small Town

Contact: Frenchtown Administrative Commission @ Rev. Paul Rhebergen,

Position: Temporary Pastor

Employment Status: Full time

Clergy Couple: Yes, open to clergy couple

Certification/ Training: Completed Transitional Education with either TMEC or IMN to be completed with in a year of contracting.

Language Requirements: English

Statement of Faith Required: Yes

Mission Statement

We are a body of believers in Jesus Christ the Lord that strives to be a living reflection of God’s love. We come together to confirm our individual faith while spreading the message of hope and love by serving those in need through mission and outreach. (From 2016 MIF)

What does your congregation’s Mission Statement look like in action?

The Frenchtown Presbyterian Church’s vision for ministry focuses on spreading God’s word and work in our local community, as well as the global community. We express our ministry by welcoming those who join us in worship, openly and without reservation; reading and illuminating the work of the Gospel for today’s world through bible study and prayer; celebrating God’s word in our Christian youth and adult education, both in our Sunday school “Holy Moly” and “Godly Play” curriculums, and our youth group’s “ignite:youth” program; worshipful and exuberant music, prayer and fellowship; and supporting and providing for those in the surrounding community and beyond in our mission and outreach. We are an open, accepting and reflective community of faith striving to do God’s work through our hearts and hands.

How do you feel called to reach out to address the emerging needs of your community?

The congregation is called to heal the wounds of its recent conflict, while continuing to grow its ability to be a healing and faithful witness in the community.

Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the person who is open to being called to this congregation.

The Frenchtown Presbyterian Church is seeking a Transitional Pastor to lead the congregation through a time of healing and claiming its faithful future. The Transitional Pastor will:

  • Seek understanding and reconciliation within the congregation and with the community;
  • Plan for the current ministry of the church, using the full resources of time, talent and money that God has provided through the people and circumstances of the church;
  • Work with the congregation to discern God’s vision for the future of the Frenchtown Church;
  • Promote the clear and open communication necessary for the ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ;
  • Identify the working of the Holy Spirit with the life of the congregation or its revitalization and transformation.

Leadership Competencies:

  • Worship and Preaching
  • Contextualization
  • Willingness to Engage Conflict
  • Interpersonal Engagement
  • Spiritual Maturity
  • Hopeful
  • Communicator
  • Organizational Agility
  • Collaboration
  • Bridge Builder
  • Self-Differentiation
  • Financial Manager





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