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Committee on Preparation for Ministry Forms

With two exceptions, the forms used by the New Brunswick CPM are the same, standard forms prepared by the Office of the General Assembly ( Links to these standard forms are provided here for convenience. Additional documents, such as the Statement of Faith required to enroll as a candidate and the sermon required to be certified ready for a call, may be necessary and are detailed in the “CPM Ordination Stages at a Glance” document (link:
Completed forms should be sent to the Presbytery Executive Administrator, Ilene Black, by e-mail (preferred,, regular mail, or fax (click on Contact Us above for the mailing address and fax number).
Forms 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D: Applying to become an inquirer (link:
***Form 1C-Alt: in order to protect inquirers’ financial privacy while still doing our due diligence, we have approved this alternative financial planning report for use in New Brunswick Presbytery. The spreadsheet on standard form 1C is used as a worksheet to answer the reporting questions on the Alternative form, which is what needs to be sent to the presbytery office.  (link: PNB CPM Form 1C-ALT)
Forms 2A* & 2B: Initial steps after being approved for inquiry (link:
Forms 3 & 4*: Annual consultation (link:
Forms 5A, 5B, 5C*, 5D: Applying to become a candidate (link:
***Form 5A-Additional: the New Brunswick CPM asks all persons applying to candidacy to respond to three additional questions and submit the answers with the other Forms 5. (link: PNB CPM Form 5A-Additional)
Form 6*: Summary Report of Final Assessment (link:
*Some forms (e.g., 2A, 5C, and 6) are filled out by CPM but often require a signature from the inquirer/candidate. The CPM liaison can help with any questions.

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