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Antiracist Adjustment for the Week of 1/24/2021




“What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God”  Micah 6:8

We will continue this week with spiritual commitments five and six provided by Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes, in “I Bring the Voices of My People,” as signposts for our ongoing racial reconciliation journey.  They are: Cultivating Grace and Watching God.

Grace includes dimensions of compassion, accountability and humility, and it shapes how we view the other and ourselves.  With compassion, we seek to see beyond the superficialities of a person’s being and stereotypes and to embrace a cultural curiosity for different stories and understandings.  Our humility assists us in approaching these contexts with care and respect, knowing that in our listening to those on the margins, we gain an expanded perspective.  Grace aims for restorative justice while knowing that the magnitude of white supremacy’s debt in the United States is so great that full compensation is impossible. (page 228)

Watching God is an act of holy observation and subversive hope.  It spurs a moral imagination capable of holding the tension between the challenges of systemic racism and the new possibilities beyond the boundaries of race.  This imagination dives into a community of equals, embraces complexity, maintains hope, and is willing to endure discomfort and insecurity.  In our Divine watching, we are aware of reality and open to a vision of what ought to be. (page 230)

As you sit with this week’s offering, remember to pay attention to the sensations that arise in your body and to where they are located.  Do you notice agitation, constriction, release, pressure, energy, numbness, relaxation, warmth, coolness, softness, tightness?  What statements resonate and which ones challenge?  No judgment or analysis, just notice and let them go.

Body Settling/Soothing Practice:  Breathing  (“My Grandmother’s Hands” page 142)

Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply.  Follow your breath as it flows in through your nose, down your throat and fills your lungs completely. (imagine inhaling through a straw if you’re having trouble expanding your lungs).  Follow it as it flows back out again.  Continue this way for several minutes.  When you’re done stop and pay attention to how your body feels. What body sensations have changed from before you started paying attention to your breathing?  What has stayed the same?

Please feel free to forward any thoughts to me at the email listed below or by requesting to join the private Facebook group Antiracist Adjustments with the following link: .

Blessings as you continue your antiracism spiritual practice.  (submitted by Pat Deeney, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Trenton NJ,


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