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A Thank-You from Dayton Church to our PW


A letter from the Dayton Presbyterian Church to our Presbyterian Women regarding the $500 grants the PW awards to churches’ charitable food pantries and outreach.

Since receipt of your generous grant, the Dayton Church has been open on a once a month basis – offering our program on a drive-thru basis on the last Saturday (as that is when folks tend to run low on their SNAP benefits).  We also provide “hygiene kits” to anyone who needs them.  These kits are gender specific (and non gendered) bags with shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.   This past Saturday, we noted a sharp increase in folks coming through.  We think this is reflective of both increased need in the greater community, and increased trust level in our being re-established and the protocols we follow.  Very often, we have leftover food we take to a local motel where folks are placed by the county for emergency housing. This week – there was nothing to take.  And, we have gone through all we had of our hygiene kits – which is of course wonderful and sad at the same time.

Again, we were so grateful for the gift from the Presbyterian Women which helped us help many.  The work to feed those who are hungry is ongoing for us, and we’ll make use of all grants and donations to do what we can.




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