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Colleagues in Validated Ministries,
Colleagues Retired, and
Colleagues Members at Large
Valued Friends and Colleagues:
This is the cover letter for the annual report by minister members of the presbytery who are not in parish ministry. However, this year there are significant differences.
Sometime early in 2021 the Presbytery of New Brunswick will cease to exist. Every minister member of the presbytery will be transferred to one of the new presbyteries in New Jersey that will come into existence at that time. Ministers in parish ministry will go to the presbytery to which their congregation of service goes. But retired ministers, ministers in validated ministries, and minister members at large may have some choice as to which presbytery they are transferred to.
The reporting form has been changed significantly to give you a chance to report what choice you would like to make.
Please be diligent about completing this form this year. It is due back by 31 January 2021, but it would be helpful to get it back by 31 December 2020.
Honorably retired ministers need to take special care to fill out this form this year. In the past it has not been critical to make this report when one is retired and not participating in active ministry. This year is different.
People may well have questions. They can be directed to me at my email address. If you need a phone conversation, please send me an email asking for one.
See the form for specifications of where the new presbyteries will be.

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