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Please Consider Supporting Camp Johnsonburg


Greetings from Camp Johnsonburg!

As I listen to shouts of joy during camp olympics on a sunny afternoon, I am reminded of the importance of this valuable summer camp experience for all children. This week alone, 63 of the 120 campers are receiving some kind of financial support from some entity: either their church, a social service agency, a grant committee, or somebody else.

At Johnsonburg, every camper is important. The color of their skin does not matter. The structure of their family does not matter. Where they live does not matter. What matters is that they are a child of God and want to come to a week of camp.

Now more than ever, a week or more away at camp provides relief from the stress of everyday life. Being unplugged from video games and avoiding the pressures of social media allows these campers time to make new friends and interact in healthy social situations and try new activities.

Read part of this letter from a camper who has been coming for several years and is currently in the foster care system: “Thank you…for this camp because it made me forget about what’s going on in my household and I wanna say thank you for the wonderful pastors for helping us worship and helping us to understand God more than I did. This camp makes me want to be involved in more church events and help the community!” -Allen

We would appreciate your support in making this experience possible for so many children and teenagers. Please take some time now to make a donation – whatever size, everything helps – toward the Johnsonburg Campership Fund. At this point, $9,800 is still needed to fully fund every camper this summer.

(Or, you may mail a donation any time to the address below.)

Thanks in advance for making this valuable experience possible for so many children. Your support does make a difference- in so many ways!
In Christ,
Elise Bates Russell
Executive Director
Johnsonburg Camp & Retreat Center
822 Route 519 Johnsonburg, NJ 07825



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