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“What Do You Post On Your Church Facebook Page?”


What Do You Post On Your Church Facebook Page? by John Fong

Now that you have a Facebook Page, what do you want to say? What should you post? How often should you post?

Here’s a simple framework that I suggest to all my churches. Give each day a theme, and when it comes to how often to post, most of my churches have decided to post every day. The idea behind posting every day is that church is not just on Sundays, but every day. And for people checking out your church it’s an impressive way to show activity, growth and ministry beyond the walls. After a while you will discover people will start looking for your daily post for a daily respite to their busy lives.
Here are my suggested themes for each day and always include an image/photo with your posts.

Monday – An inspirational, motivational post or post a prayer. For some of my churches/pastors the post offers a review or expands on Sunday’s sermon.

Tuesday – Post photos from last Sunday’s service or photos from your archives. People love seeing photos of themselves and others they know. These photos can be powerful positive reinforcement to come to church and connect with friends.

Wednesday – Post an engagement post. For example – What shall we pray for today? In this post you are asking people to participate. You will find over time Followers/people on your Facebook page will begin to share more and offer one another support directly on your Facebook page.

Thursday – Post an upcoming event/activity. Do you have something from your music ministry, youth ministry and/or Christian education?

Friday – Post Good News from your community and/or from around the world. It reminds us all it is Thank God is Friday! TGIF!

Saturday – For most of my churches and pastors, Saturday is their sermon preview day. It could be as simple as a question or the seed of a thought that hints at Sunday’s sermon. Most of the churches and pastors I have been working with are doing Facebook Live post. These are short 60 second Live video post that offers a preview of their Sunday sermon. Facebook Live gives you a lot exposure and will help reach your greater community, more than your average post, and it offers a personal connection that invites Followers/people to come to church.

Sunday – Most of my churches are scheduling an early morning post to remind Followers/people to come to church with an image of a sunrise and church bells.

More tips:
– Spread the posting responsibility around. Maybe your office assistant can post for you on Mondays and Wednesdays. Someone else can be in charge of finding old photos to post or take new photos from coffee hours, of Sunday volunteers to post on Tuesdays. Your music leader, your youth leader and Christian educator can be responsible for other days.
– Did you know you can schedule all your posts on Facebook page at one time? So you don’t have to manually post every day, Facebook will automatically post for you every day if you schedule ahead of time. Note-Facebook Live posts are done Live, there is no scheduling for Live post.
– Establishing a theme based posting schedule is what’s called an editorial calendar. This calendar will help keep you organized and simplified your outward facing/public communications. Facebook not only speaks to your members but also speaks to your greater community because so many people in your community communicate through Facebook every day.
– Looking for more tips and help? Reach out to me at . My services are funded by your presbytery so it’s free!


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