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Digital Communications & Social Media Consultant


I would like to introduce myself. My name is John Fong. I’m the new Digital Communications & Social Media Network Ministry Consultant for the Presbytery of Elizabeth(Monmouth/New Brunswick). The presbytery has brought me on to help churches in the presbytery establish better overall communication utilizing digital communications and social media.

Does your current church communication utilize and leverage social media?
Do you want your church communication to reach more people?

In just a few days, I can get your church started online, make digital/social media part of your overall church communications and help you reach more people. What’s great is that I do everything for you. I help establish the process, identify volunteers and/or staff to train and help them manage your digital/social media communications.
Here’s the Quick Start Foundation Plan:
• Step 1 – Establish your Facebook page.
• Step 2 – Help identify and establish your super users. These are the folks in your church who are already on social media and who are willing to help your church establish a strong online presence.
• Step 3 – Establish and create an editorial communication calendar to magnify your church message and information.
If you already have an online presence I can assess your presence and identify areas for improvement.

If you would like to take advantage of this free program funded by the presbytery please reach out to me at Johnfong@elizabethpresbytery . I would love to partner with you in ministry.
Have a great day!

John Fong
Digital Communications &
Social Media Network Consultant
Presbytery of Elizabeth
Presbytery of Monmouth
Presbytery of New Brunswick


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