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Actions Taken at the 10 November 2015 Meeting
of the Presbytery of New Brunswick

1. Appointed an Administrative Commission to ordain Aaron Twitchell.
2. Raised the base minimum standard for compensation for full-time parish ministers to $51,000.
3. Received the resignation of executive director Nancy Muth and appointed the reverend John Williams to serve as an executive consultant at the rate of 65 hours a month until such time as a search committee can bring a new candidate for executive director before the presbytery. A minimum of two months and a maximum of six months were approved for this contract.
4. Delegated to the moderator of the presbytery the power to appoint a committee of no less than four persons, with an appropriate balance of men and women, teaching and ruling elders, to search for a new executive director.
5. Raised the per capita for the 2016 calendar to $32.50.
6. Adopted the budget as presented by the Administrative Commission.
7. Elected as Commissioners to General Assembly:
Ruling Elder Sam Bonner of Covenant Presbyterian Church
Ruling Elder Jan Everett of Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church
Teaching Elder Nick Hatch
Teaching Elder Anita Milne
and as Young Adult Advisory Delegate:
Molly Trevor of Covenant Presbyterian Church
and as alternate commissioners:
Ruling Elder Ted Settle of Bound Brook Presbyterian Church
Teaching Elder John Williams
8. Dissolved the pastoral relationship between Flemington Presbyterian Church and the reverend Tom Robinson and approved the terms of severance.
9. Dissolved the pastoral relationship between Christ Presbyterian Church and the reverend Jeff Ugoretz.
10. Dissolved the pastoral relationship between Frenchtown Presbyterian Church and the reverend Patrick Johnson.


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