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Witherspoon Street Church Hosts a Black History Month Program


WSPC Christian Education and Church Life Present a Black History Month Program on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2020 from 1–2 p.m.

Patriotism in Black and White: What does it Mean to be An American?
Dr. Mary McGriff, Professor and WSPC Member, Discussion leader

Racism and Patriotism appear at odds in the United States! The central lesson of the African-American political/social history is that the ideals and  promises of American democracy have not been fully realized for them, and there is cynicism and ambivalence about the meanings and practices of authentic patriotism. How can Black people assume the role of patriots (with pride in their country) while experiencing ongoing systemic racism?  What can we learn from the differing perspectives of historical and contemporary Black leaders?


If possible, please glance at the attached article, Black Patriotism: When Love of Country Means Holding It Accountable (5 minute read):

Please join us for this timely and important discussion!



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