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The Presbytery of New Brunswick welcomes Rev. Leslie Dobbs-Allsopp as Part Time Transitional Leader. Leslie joins us with a wealth of experience as a pastor and and has been very active in Presbytery committees. Since 2017, she has also served as the part time leader for the Elizabeth Presbytery.
Leslie’s responsibilities will include (but not be limited to):
1. Coordinating the Presbytery staff, and facilitating staff communication.
2. Supporting and assisting the work of the CLT and Trustees as they interact with the standing committees and working groups.
3. Partnering with Communications Task Force in deepening and refining all
aspects of Presbytery communication.
We are very pleased to have a dedicated servant, with a wealth of knowledge of Presbytery practice and policy join our leadership team! Leslie has begun her service with New Brunswick Presbytery on March 23.

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