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Virtual Worship Resources


Greetings, Presbytery colleagues!

As you know, we’re compiling various worship resources to provide for churches in the Presbytery to use for their virtual worship—a whole service on May 17 and 24, or parts you can use to customize to your own context. I’m working on sharing some music offerings that can be plugged into a virtual service, which will be available in this folder sometime later today or tomorrow.

But how cool would it be if we made a “virtual choir” offering together as a Presbytery? One of our musicians is quite good at audio/video editing, and we’ve gotten a head-start through an anthem we created for this past Sunday’s worship, to a tune we all know: Amazing Grace.

We’d like to invite all singers in the Presbytery to contribute a video or two to the project, to use with the Presbytery worship resources we’re providing for May 24. Click here for the worship resources.

Simply forward this email to any in your congregation involved in/interested in music or contributing to this. All of the instructions can be found in this Google folder.

Contributing simply means downloading the guide track, listening via headphones, recording your track (instrumental, vocal, both), and uploading to the shared folder. Harmony is highly encouraged! Feel free to email me if you have questions.

Click here for the May 17 bulletin

Click here for the May 24 bulletin



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