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Our Presbyterian Women’s Efforts to Fight Hunger During Covid


The Presbyterian Women of the New Brunswick Presbytery set aside $500 to aid our churches and their charitable food distribution programs in April, 2020.   Over the past several months we have given four times that amount to eight separate efforts, thanks to additional contributions!  The recent programs have been as varied as helping to restock the Food Pantries of Dayton Church, Bayard Street (New Brunswick) Church, and Hamilton Square.  Other activities include working with community groups providing hundreds of lunches for school children in Trenton and Bound Brook and their areas’ families.  And providing individual grocery bags and delivering them  for community members in desperate need in Frenchtown.  We know that the need for food has not diminished in this time of Covid-19.  We have appealed to several donors and they have stepped up to help us——ours has truly been a Loaves & Fishes Story!   We can only hope and pray that other generous souls will join us in our pursuit to meet the needs of a growing hungry population. Anyone interested in donating to this effort should send the donation directly to the project rather than send it to PW. That way the project will have instant access to the funds.

Ewing-Covenant Church’s Food delivery

Westminster PC’s Emergency Grab & Go Meal Distribution in Partnership with Capital Area YMCA in Trenton



Restocking Ginny’s Pantry in Hamilton Square


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