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Notes from Saturday Moderator’s Zoom Conversations


NBP Leadership Conversation – Zoom meeting 7/25/20

Link to join:


Cherry Oakley, John Potter, Mike Meduski, Gooitzen Van der Wal, Bob Tomlinson, James Brumm.

Music Library

Mike summarized a recent productive meeting:

Several churches are now ready to upload music.

Delaney McMahon, intern at Westminster, is working on a concert with social justice theme.

There may be a live concert in 2021 at the Ewing 1867 sanctuary

Licensing – creative commons license could protect rights of individuals or choirs performing public domain music.

James Klotz has drafted a document on copyright issues

James Brumm writes hymns

Molly Dykstra seeking people to sing public domain music

Noel Werner planning hymn-sing at Nassau. This could also be an idea for a presbytery-wide event.

It was also suggested to contact Charlie Ashton, music director at Hopewell.

Reopening Issues

Most churches not planning on opening indoor services until at least September.

Indoor services will be without singing for a time.

Churches plan to maintain online worship in some form.

Several churches now holding outdoor services, a few meeting indoors.

Live-streaming services tends to have lower production values than pre-recorded and edited services.

Other Issues

Tim Kirk is working on developing a presbytery-wide network of deacons. A Zoom meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 12 at 6:30 p.m.

Next meeting: August 8, 2020

Meeting closed with Mizpah benediction.

John Potter



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