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New Jersey Missional Communities Transitions Working Group Report For New Brunswick Presbytery


Good People:

           This is the formal proposal from the New Jersey Missional Communities Working Group that the Synod of the Northeast has communicated to us and asked the presbyteries in New Jersey to act upon as soon as possible. Click here for the proposal.

            This is an action that, under the present Plan of Presbytery, requires two readings. It will be presented for a first reading at our meeting of 12 September 2020.

            As this is a “communication of the synod” [G-3.0302c] the presbytery is responsible for seeing that it is communicated to minister members, commissioners, and sessions of member churches. So I have instructed our Administrative Assistant to publish it on the presbytery website, distribute it to minister members, known commissioners, and sessions by email contact, and to publish it with the meeting documents for the 12 September 2020 meeting of the presbytery.

            Thank you for your attention.

Paul LaMontagne, Stated Clerk

Presbytery of New Brunswick

Here are two additional reports concerning the transition.

Click here for the NJMC New Presbytery Bounds Congregations 2020-08-19

Click here for the NJMC Existing Presbytery Moves 2020-08-19

If you have any questions, please email to and they will be forwarded to our representatives.

Rev. Wendi Werner, Rev. Marcus Lambright, Ruling Elder Sal Lalama


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