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Hopewell Church Offers “Compassion Camp” This Summer


This year, “Compassion Camp” is taking the place of this year’s traditional in-person “Vacation Bible School.” Compassion Camp is an at-home/virtual camp designed to help us follow God and figure out what it means to have compassion for others, ourselves, and the world—even and especially in the midst of a pandemic as well as the racial and political tension in our country and world.

What does at-home/virtual camp actually entail? While at-home/virtual learning is new to us too, Hopewell Presbyterian Church, on behalf of the Hopewell Council of Churches, is providing each family that signs up with two components:

  • Daily email: July 13-17 you will receive videos, PDFs of coloring sheets, and and example pictures of activities in your email inbox.
  • At-home-packet: For those who would like a binder with instructions and supply, we will deliver or mail a packet to you. (It will also include a few extra goodies!)

Both of these will contain…

Daily Story: Each day of will center around a story from the Bible. These stories will be told by the pastors of Hopewell. While there will be a video, sometimes it’s good to act stories out.  The daily story printout will include ways you can embody the story at home. These stories include: “The Prodigal Son,” the story of Ruth & Naomi, & Jesus healing the man who was paralyzed.
Daily Song Video:
Mr. Charlie will teach a song on each day of the week. You will get a video of each song in your email every morning. There is also sheet music available for those who want to learn the music as a family.
Compassion in Action Activities:
Compassion in Action actives help us think creatively about sharing compassion. These simple, small, tangible acts help us express God’s deep compassion for each other, ourselves, and the world. These activities include: making a centerpiece for your family table, sending mail to people who need love, and planting “seeds of change.”
Create & Play Activities:
Each day features a few craft opportunities, games, and coloring pages. These are designed to help us practice our compassion skills and have fun. Examples include, a “Feelings Matching Game,” daily prayer coloring sheets, instructions for a “kindness hug” made out of paper and string to send to someone who needs a reminder of God’s love.
Movement Activity
The daily email will include a video from Miss Barb who will take us through movement practices to help us connect our wiggly bodies, busy minds, and spirits to God. She will show us how to focus our breathing alongside some basic yoga poses to embody the themes of Compassion Camp.
Who is invited to join? While this camp is geared toward both preschool-aged children and K-5th graders, it is extremely flexible, adaptable, and fun for the entire family—maybe older siblings or even the “young-at-heart.” (All you need is a willing heart and a “family guide” who can read and navigate email.)
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And, you don’t have to be a member of the Hopewell community! Friends and family near and far are invited to join us on this journey.

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