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First Presbyterian Church of Haddonfield Seeks Full-Time Transitional Pastor


First Presbyterian Church Haddonfield

Seeking a Full-time Transitional Pastor

Click here for the hard copy of the all the info for the Haddonfield Transitional Pastor Job Description

Position description and Requirements:

Overview:  This is a Full-time transitional pastor role.  It requires experience as a Senior Pastor or Transitional Pastor in a medium to large congregation.  The position is open due to the upcoming retirement of the Senior Pastor. Interim/transitional certificate is required. It is noted that the Transitional Pastor will not be able to become the next Installed Senior Pastor.

Specific Requirements and Duties in Key Areas:

  1. Leadership, Preaching and Worship
    • Provides a biblically based preaching and teaching ministry
    • Able to inspire from the pulpit
    • Communicates a clear and consistent message through sermons that are carefully prepared and delivered
    • Is able to articulate a clear and consistent theology
    • Recommits to denominational linkages by continuing involvement with the Presbytery, its missions and resources
    • Encourages the congregation in the worship and service of God, enabling and encouraging the congregation with their tasks within the church and in their mission in the world.
    • Assists the congregation in the transition process and mission development as it looks towards the future
    • Assists in building commitment to new leadership and a new future by engaging the congregation in developing a shared vision for the future
    • Facilitates the call process by working to update the mission study
  2. Staff Leadership and Supervision
  • Experienced in managing a fairly large staff including FT Associate Pastor, FT Minister of Music, FT Director of Youth and Education, Pre-school Director, FT Maintenance Worker, and 3 Church Office Personnel.
  • Effectively guides newly hired Associate Pastor
  • Tracks staff projects and activities to assure they are completed in a timely manner and within budget
  • Conducts performance reviews and takes corrective action with staff when necessary
  1. Pastoral Care
  • Visits, contacts, counsels, and cares for the congregation and our shut-ins on a limited basis due to time constraints
  • Involves the Associate Pastor in Pastoral Care efforts
  • Finds ways to expand our Pastoral Care network by developing/training members of the congregation to provide additional outreach to those in need.
  1. Administration/Finance
  • Provides active leadership to the Session and its committees and the Board of Deacons
  • Demonstrates organizational agility. Is astute about how organizations work
  • Understands the importance of supporting good policy, practice and procedure
  • Allocates and manages finances transparently
  • Assures rigorous and comprehensive financial accountability systems are in place and utilized
  1. Mission
  • Provides leadership to the congregation and its organizations by supporting programs that will enable the church to grow its mission activities in service to God.
  • Helps the congregation to see new mission opportunities and inspires them to move quickly when opportunities/needs arise
  • Leads an examination of our current mission vision and activities
  1. Stewardship
  • Actively supports the work of the Stewardship Committee
  • Consults with the Stewardship Committee in finding new ways to build revenue.
  1. Assist the Congregation in the Transition to a New Senior Pastor
  • Has successfully led past change efforts
  • Maintains stability in the moment and provides hope for a vibrant future
  • Helps followers see a way through chaos, complexity or unsettled times
  • Helps other think “outside the box”. Is not afraid of challenging the status quo.
  • Acts as a Bridge Builder, connecting people who have different theological positions or views of the future of the congregation
  1. Session and congregation covenant
  • To pray for the Pastor
  • Support the Pastor in his/her Ministry
  • Provide regular financial compensation according to the terms in contract
  • Actively participate in the life of First Presbyterian Church of Haddonfield; especially in attendance of regular worship services and other church activities
  • Actively work to support the growth of the congregation and youth activities
  • Work with the Pastor by participation in the leadership of the church and be willing to implement new ideas and programs

Terms of Call

Length of Time: 1 year with a 30- day release clause – may be extended

Experience: Transitional Ministry Experience.  At least 5 years experience as Pastor or Transitional Pastor

Salary/ Housing Allowance: $85,000 to $90,000.

Housing is available and Housing Allowance will be adjusted if the available Housing is utilized.

SECA Relief: $3000

Pension/Medical: Full

Reimbursement for Medical Expenses not covered by insurance: Negotiable

Professional Expense including mileage vouchered: $3,000

Continuing Education: 2 weeks/$750.00 vouchered reimbursement

Vacation: 1 month ( 4 or 5 Sundays)

Congregational History – A historic congregation in a historic town:

In 1682, Francis Collins, an English Quaker, became the first European settler in what is now Haddonfield. In 1858, Presbyterian worship services began in Haddonfield’s Town Hall. Shortly after, worshippers presented a petition to the Presbytery of West Jersey to arrange for a regular minister to lead their services.

But their plans to organize a church were put on hold due to the Civil War. After fighting ceased and the country’s reconstruction began, 36 Haddonfield worshippers presented their petition to the Presbytery in 1871. The town’s first pastor began his ministry in 1873.

The church has undergone many changes since those initial worship services. In 1906, Henry D. and Mary Moore financed the present building as a memorial to their son, Gilbert Henry Moore. Our beautiful sanctuary features three large stained glass windows designed and constructed by Tiffany & Co.

Our Congregation today:

There are 830 active members and we have an average Sunday Worship attendance of 250.

Throughout its history, First Presbyterian Church, Haddonfield has made substantial contributions to the area, including the organization of eight local Presbyterian churches and the formation of community organizations such as the Caring Hearts Ministry and Interfaith Caregivers. Community outreach continues through the current church family, who prioritize mission and giving to those in greatest need.

Our Music Ministry is expansive and an integral part of our Worship.  We feature 5 Choirs and 4 Bell Choirs.  In our sanctuary is a three-manual organ with 3,000 pipes, ranging in size from two inches to over 16 feet.

First Presbyterian, Haddonfield has a very active Youth Education Program and one of the largest Pre-school programs in the area.

Contact Info:

Organization name:  First Presbyterian Church, Haddonfield

Contact Name:  Paul Urian

Address: 247 Lake St., Haddonfield NJ 08033






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