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“Come Let Us Worship: Thoughts for All Congregations” Hosted by Reformed Center at New Brunswick Seminary


We’ve all been socially distanced for a long time. Our congregations have found ways to minister around the barriers, making the most of technology and growing in their skills weeks by week. Even so, we’re all feeling anxious to “go back to normal,” and, slowly but surely, the restrictions are being lifted around the world. This leads to a whole new set of anxieties, as we worry about how to be safe and feel safe in a very different normal than before we heard of COVID-19.

On Saturday, May 16th, from 10:00 to 11:00 am, the Reformed Church Center at New Brunswick Theological Seminary will host “Come, Let Us Worship”: Thoughts for ALL (Not Just Reformed) Congregations. A set of short presentations followed by brief discussions will consider health concerns, psychological concerns, organizational concerns, and concerns about singing and theological reflection about our new situation. After that, anybody who wishes may stay until 11:30 for extended discussion.

This program, scheduled to take place via Zoom, is FREE and open to congregational leaders from all denominations. To take part online or by phone, register in advance at (only 100 computers or phones will be able to be in the Zoom meeting). More details will be available soon, but sign up now . . . and spread the word to others!


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