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Church Member Connectedness


New Brunswick Presbytery

Church Member Connectedness

In discussions amongst the Monday Morning Group, a working group of the Central Leadership Team focused on pandemic and social justice, we often talk about how church members are connected to the church and other members during this time of physical isolation.  We now know that we are in for the long haul regarding keeping physical and social distance.  We also know that this continues to make for difficulty amongst church families in our Presbytery.  We are sure that you have worked out ways of connecting with your church members during this time.  We are presenting a table for your consideration and use, if desired, to gather information about the members of your church and their connectedness.  We are aware that some members do not have smart phones, or if they have smart phones, may not know how to use some of the apps that provide connection.

We separated types of connection, electronic (through email or streaming) and phone (land line or cell) and provide a way for you to gather member’s connection preferences, ranked in order of preference.  Here we included four options, land line, cell phone (call), text (cell phone), or email.  If you have comments on and/or suggestions  for the table, please share them.

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