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Visit from our International Peacemakers – Tentative Schedule


Xinia Briceño and Karla Koll
International Peacemakers
Visit to New Brunswick Presbytery, Sept 13th to 19th

Arrival, Friday, September 13th. If arrival is in Newark, Ted will pick them up; if arrival is in Philadelphia, Don and Dave will pick them up.
The only event planned for this day of arrival, if they arrive in time for such an event, will be dinner and reception/meeting at the
Dutch Neck Church. All members of the planning committee are encouraged to attend. Ted will drive them back to Bound Brook for the overnight;

Saturday, September 14th: Meeting of the Presbyterian Women (not limited to women for this meeting) at the Flemington Church. Meeting will include lunch. Ted will bring them to the meeting and stay. Ted will drive them back to Bound Brook for the Saturday afternoon worship service at BBPC, 5-6 pm. Dinner will be provided by Casa del Banquete and BBPC. Peacemakers will participate in the Casa del Banquete worship service – starts at 7:30. They will be invited to speak as part of the service, but won’t have to stay until it ends, 10pm. Over night and light breakfast in Bound Brook;

Sunday, September 15th: Worship service at Ewing-Covenant, 10 am. Ted will drive them to Ewing; stay with them, drive them to Nassau. Nassau Church Adult Class, 12-1pm. Molly will provide them lunch and a place to rest and then drive them to the Lawrenceville church for the WINK service.

Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church WINK service 5 – 6 pm; dinner provided by Lawrenceville. Overnight with Don

Monday, September 16th: breakfast, Don. (nothing planned for the morning or afternoon, yet) Evening, TNJC Center for Social Justice.
Overnight Don

Tuesday, September 17th: breakfast, Don (nothing planned for the morning or afternoon, yet) Evening, Kingston Presbyterian Church, dinner and meeting. Ted will drive them back to Bound Brook for overnight stay.

Wednesday, September 18th: breakfast Ted; (Tentative schedule if no other requests are made for this day) This will be a day for Karla and Xinia to explore our area or travel into New York City. Ted will contact Karla to see if she has any suggestions for what she might like to show Xinia and if she thinks Xinia would like to go into NY City.
Thursday, Sept 19: This will be the day the peacemakers will travel to Hudson River Presbytery. If possible and New Brunswick Seminary is interested, we will try to schedule a lunch and meeting with students 11 – 1 pm and then Ted and Jane will drive Xinia and Karla to Stony Point for pick up by Hudson River Presbytery.


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