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Our International Peacemakers Take Part in a Podcast with Faith in Farming


About Faith in Farming

Amirah and Will are farmers who grow food for the Stony Point Conference and Retreat Center in the lower Hudson River Valley. They are also both members of the Community of Living Traditions, a multifaith intentional community of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim people whose faith practices guide them to participate in movements for justice and peace. Faith in Farming is a podcast where they talk about their work with the land, our faith practices, and how it all comes together.

In this special bilingual episode, Costa Rican farmer and activist Erlinda Quesada joins Will to talk about her work fighting for eco-justice with communities throughout her home land. She outlines the circumstances that led to the expansion of industrial pineapple production in Costa Rica, her interactions with Costa Rican government officials, and how contaminated water and agro-chemicals are affecting people and land in Costa Rica. Erlinda works with the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s International Peacemaking Program. Special thanks to Karla Koll for interpreting. To learn more about the industrial pineapple industry, Erlinda and Karla recommend watching this 20-minute documentary:

Click here for the podcast.


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