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Karla’s Latest Prayer Letter


Dear friends in mission,

This year’s International Peacemaking Program came to an end on October 10th. Unfortunately, Xinia Briceño, the director of the Rural Aqueduct Association of Milano, was denied a visa to come to the United States to participate in the program. Erlinda Quesada, Roman Catholic laywoman who has worked with communities in the Caribbean region of Costa Rica for decades, offered to come in Xinia’s place. It was a delight to travel with Erlinda, whom I did not meet until she got off the plane in Louisville for orientation. We are very grateful to the folks in New Brunswick, Hudson River, Salem and New Castle presbyteries who received us. In the newsletter below, I have shared some of the perspectives offered by Erlinda out of the experience of her community with export agriculture.

As I write these lines, I am preparing to leave the United States for the Philippines, where the latest meeting of the International Reformed and Pentecostal Dialogue is taking place. Our two teams will be working to bring our five years of dialogue on mission to a conclusion and write our final report to offer to our churches. My husband, Javier, will be joining me on this trip. After the meeting, we will visit mission co-worker colleagues in Manila and Dumaguete before we return to the United States for a brief stop on our way back to Costa Rica.

As always, I am grateful the prayers that accompany me each day. I am looking forward to being back at the Latin American Biblical University to prepare for a new academic year. And I look forward to staying in touch.

My latest newsletter from Presbyterian World Mission can be found here


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