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Hillsborough Church Seeks Transitional Pastor


Hillsborough Presbyterian Church is a small church community with Presbyterian roots (PCUSA) consciously embracing a progressive focus. We strive to: be inclusive; put our resources, time, and talents towards being Jesus’ hands and feet in our community and the world; and be a place where you can reorient your life and your focus to the workings of the Holy Spirit in your life and in the world. In short, we have defined our community’s mission as: Accepting, Helping, Guiding.

Our church is seeking an experienced pastor with the vision to lead a faithful discernment of God’s plan for our worship family. We would welcome an individual to assist us in meeting the spiritual needs of our members while we prayerfully and thoughtfully plan a new path of being faithful to Christ’s movement in our lives and evaluate all options there may be for our life together.

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