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Free 30 Day Digital Disciples Program for your church



Invitation to the Free 30 Day Digital Disciples Program for your church! The program’s First 30 day benchmark is to reach/engage 500+ people online in your community and have at least 4 new visitors to your church.


Please feel free to share this offer with other PCUSA Presbytery/church leaders you know. The Digital Disciples program has proven results for churches of all sizes, diverse situations and regions.


Here’s how the free 30 day DD ministry program will work:


· Essentially, after the free initial 30 days (achieving benchmarks) your church will have established this program, it’s strategies to reach/engage your larger community and welcome new visitors regardless if you continue with the service or not. Churches do not have to continue services to be successful.


· However, after the free 30 days if your church would like to continue for the rest of the year, then there’s a presbytery one time discounted fee of $700 for a year of services (the usual fee for private non-Presbyterian churches is 4K for the same program for the year). This program also offers financial assistance to those churches/presbyteries with hardship. 


While the benchmarks seems difficult they are not and that is why most churches are able to achieve them in their first 30 days in this program. Please let me know if you would like me to show you the math (very simple).




Financial transparency – it is simple, the presbyteries and churches that enroll in the DD program beyond the free 30 days/long term pay for the free 30 day program for all our churches.




Data and testimonials-





“I have been blown away by the impact that Digital Disciples is already making in our congregation. I initially thought we were well covered on Facebook, having an active closed group for members and frequent visitors.  I considered myself pretty Facebook-savvy, so I had doubts. But after starting this program, I realized that we had barely scratched the surface of Facebook’s potential.  We’ve had visitors who never would have found us otherwise, and now church attendance is up! It feels like we’re opening our doors and telling the community that we are here. I’m thrilled to see what more the Holy Spirit will do as we follow this program.”- Pastor Catherine Renken, Kirkwood Presbyterian Church USA GA



“The Digital Disciples Ministry offers our congregation the unique opportunity to practice faith online. As our lives are increasingly consumed by digital devices, bringing faith online is essential because it facilitates an individual’s ability to bridge “real life” with what exists on screen. Our church’s goal is to reach people online and then bring them offline in moments of true fellowship. The inspirational messages, event postings, and sermon previews throughout the week are in unison with this and our mission to worship God throughout our daily lives. The Digital Disciples Ministry has offered us the diving board from which to spring into meaningful fellowship and purposeful outreach.” Btw – we had one person in worship this past week who said he found us on Facebook and decided to come to worship! He is just one of a number of visitors we have had recently. Success! ~ Pastor Emily McCachren, McConnellsburg United Presbyterian Church PA


Please let me know if you would like more info. Any questions/thoughts? Have blessed day!









John Fong


Digital Disciples Ministry & Communications Consultant


Presbytery of Elizabeth


Flint River Presbytery


Cherokee Presbytery


Northeast Georgia Presbytery


Presbytery of Carlisle


Presbytery of St. Augustine


Synod of the Trinity


Presbytery of Monmouth


Presbytery of New Brunswick


Presbytery of West Jersey




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