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The youth leader: the young disciples

The youth of C.A.F.E. are the young disciples, they are motivated and eager to study the scripture. This year thanks to Emerging Gospel grant from the Synod and the assistance of the Presbytery mission and funding, we were able to hire a youth teacher. She is committed, creative and curious and keep the youth motivated with different activities. Every Saturday after their class the youth could share with their parents the bible stories and lessons learned in their class. The goal is that they have a genuine relationship with Jesus through bible study and learning bible scriptures.

Friendship and solidarity.  Most of the youth received their class in English, however last may we welcomed a 16-year-old female from Guatemala, we assisted her aunt to get her from the detention center in Houston. When they arrived to our community, the young lady appeared shy and guarded speaking only Spanish. The CAFÉ community and specifically he youth group welcomed her with love and compassion. Any time she is present, the bible class is in Spanish, the pastor guide her and her father about getting enrolled in the school this September. The retreat was a great opportunity for this young lady to heal the separation from her mother and experience the love of the community in a safe environment.

Isolation no more: At the end of July we heard that there was a 70 year- old lady from Guatemala who was feeling depressed and isolated in her house. She lives with her son who works long hours and she stays in the house alone, she is limited in English and she does not drive. We invited her once, the pastor picked her up and she continues coming ever since. She also participated of our retreat and she was overwhelmed by the love and care of the community. She received Jesus as her Lord and Savior and she continue attending faithfully every worship service.

We extended our meeting:

The grant helped us to pay a small rent contribution to the local church and as a result we are able to meet every Saturday. We have welcome three more members.


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