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April 9 Stated Meeting of Presbytery at Plainsboro Church


Plainsboro Church is hosting our April 9 Presbytery Meeting.  We will gather at 6:30PM for registration, coffee and snacks. At 7PM, our program will begin. Click here to read about our speakers.




Directions to Plainsboro Presbyterian Church

From Route 1 North or South, heading toward Plainsboro:
• Take the Scudders Mill Road exit (it heads east), and stay in the right lane.
• Travel about 1.8 miles, going over the railroad bridge, and turn right onto Schalks Crossing Road.
• Move into the left lane as you travel 0.3 miles through the village area.
• At the 2nd traffic light, continue straight ahead, crossing Plainsboro Road (the church is on the corner) onto Parkway Avenue.
• Enter parking lots on either the left or right side of Parkway Avenue. Parking spaces nearest the ramp entrance are reserved for those needing direct access. Additional parking is available in the PNC Bank lot off Plainsboro Road to the west.

To return to Route 1 after the meeting ends:
• Head north on Schalks Crossing Road, staying in the left lane through the village area.
• Turn left onto Scudders Mill Road heading west, continuing for about 1.8 miles.
• Get in the right lane if you’re heading North on Route 1; get in the left lane if you’re heading South on Route 1.

Parking at Plainsboro Church

Parking is available in the church lots on both sides of Parkway Ave., in the Wicoff School parking lot, in the WWP School District Services lot, and in the PNC Bank parking lot diagonally across the intersection from the church (accessed from Plainsboro Road). Here is a link to a map of the area showing the various lots: 500 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro NJ


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