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The Community Well at Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville – Check out two new wellness programs!


The Community Well is a community center housed at The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville focusing on human wellness. Check out two of TCW’s new physical wellness programs:

Faith Yoga begins March 13: All yoga is, one might say, “faith yoga,” since it itself originated as a spiritual practice. This six-week Yoga experience focuses specifically on Christian spirituality. Taught by Courtney Leopold, a certified yoga therapist with training in vinyasa and yin yoga, the class will focus on Christ as the center of yoga practice, so that posture, breath and awareness might be guided by the Holy Spirit, and that yoga might be a means of connecting with and glorifying God. The class is based in the tradition of vinyasa yoga, and is suitable for all levels.
The cost is $15 per class, with a discount for those who sign up for the entire six-week series. The next series starts on March 13th.

Chair/Gentle Yoga begins March 8: This 6-week class series is designed for those who wish to improve their strength and flexibility with a gentle yoga class suitable for all ages and physical abilities


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