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Presbytery Mission & Ministries Funding Application


The Presbytery of New Brunswick’s budget  included a consolidated line item for Presbytery Mission and Ministries to be administered by the Trustees. Therefore, an application has been created to be used to request funds from this budget line item. The application along with appropriate attachments will be reviewed by the Trustees to decide how to allocate the funds available. Factors to be considered will include the purpose of the project, how the project relates to the mission and ministry of the Presbytery, the involvement of congregations within the Presbytery in the project, etc.
Grants will be provided in the following categories:
• Innovative Ministry – is your congregation looking to step out on the water and try something New – Innovative? Is there something you want to work with another congregation or specialized ministry within the Presbytery on?
• Leadership Development – Always wanted to go to that conference or workshop? Remember, you will be asked to share within the Presbytery about your experience.
• Outreach/Social Witness – An old-fashion mission grant. Preference will be given to projects that involve 2 or more congregations/specialized ministries.
• Mission Critical – Your faith is strong but you just can’t afford that work which must be done.

Requests should not exceed $3000 for any project. The Trustees will seek to balance the types of projects funded.

Please use the fillable pdf form below to submit your application. For correct functionality of this form, please download and open with Adobe Reader. This may be downloaded for free at Once completed, save and email as an attachment per the instructions. Upcoming application deadlines are September 15, 2020; December 15, 2020; March 15, 2020; and May 15, 2020. Applications will be reviewed and acted upon during October, January, April and June. Please submit on a timely basis to allow adequate time for review. Completed applications and/or questions may be directed to

Please click here for the Presbytery’s Mission and Ministries Grant application.


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