Director of Music Ministries


Pennington Presbyterian Church is looking for a Director of Music Ministries.

We are a welcoming, vibrant Presbyterian church in the center of Pennington, NJ.  Our church traces its roots back to 1709.

Musically, we have an adult choir, three youth choirs (separated by age), a bell choir, an accompanist/organist, a student/intern who leads the youngest of the youth choirs (Cherubs, age 4 – 1st grade), and many talented musicians in our congregation.  We currently have one service every Sunday, but we are evaluating the possibility of a second, contemporary service which the person in this role would help shape.

At this time, we plan to have a Director of Youth Music Ministries who would work directly with two of the three youth choirs and the third youth choir will continue to be led by a student intern.  The Director of Youth Music Ministries, the Accompanist/Organist and all other music personnel would report directly to the Director of Music Ministries.  The Director of Music Ministries would report to the Head Pastor, Nancy Mikoski as well as the Personnel Committee.

This is a salaried position that will require between 10 – 14 hours per week, with most all occurring on evenings, weekends and religious holidays.  Our offer will be competitive with market rates currently being paid by local churches for similar roles.  This position will be paid twice monthly.

This position comes with four weeks vacation, to be coordinated with the Head Pastor, as well as three sick days and one personal day.   The accompanist/organist should be notified for all absences so that arrangements can be made to substitute.

In addition to direct compensation, the person in this role may use the church pianos, organ and other instruments for teaching, rehearsal and performance as they are available.

The Presbyterian faith has no limitations on race, gender or sexual orientation.  Members, pastors and church leaders alike can identify as any gender, any sexual orientation and be of any race.

The purpose of music in the Pennington Presbyterian Church is to worship God and to provide faith development, for those who participate in music programs and the congregation alike.

For more information regarding the Pennington Presbyterian Church, please either reach out to us directly or review our website at



The Director of Music Ministries must:

  • Be a person of Christian faith. The person does not have to be a Presbyterian.
  • Be capable of leading a choir. This includes attracting and retaining members, holding practices and leading the choir during services.
  • Have strong emotional intelligence and be comfortable with dealing with people on an individual level. Our choir consists of volunteers, so a healthy mix of patience, inspiration and flexibility is necessary.
  • Be a strong musician. Proficiency in playing the piano is required and the ability to play other instruments is desired. The ability to play the organ is optional.
  • Have familiarity with, and skill in playing, a fairly broad array of traditional, contemporary and world worship music.  We are looking to increase the presence of contemporary music in our services while also providing traditional hymns and anthems to the congregation.
  • Work well with other musicians in the community. There are funds for outside musicians to play at our church a handful of times a year.



The responsibility of this role is to provide music as a tool for worship and faith development within our congregation and community.  There is flexibility to make changes to how this is implemented, but as our processes are currently configured, the responsibilities are:

  • Coordinate all musical offerings at regular church services and other special services as they occur during the church year.
  • Lead the adult choir. This includes:
    • Running weekly evening rehearsals for the adult choir from September through mid-June (currently Thursdays at 8 p.m.).
    • Running weekly adult choir rehearsals prior to the Sunday 10:15 service from September through mid-June (currently at 9 a.m.).
    • Running ad hoc rehearsals for special services or as needed.
    • Encouraging recruitment of new members and retention of existing members
    • Planning and arranging summer worship music when the choir is not singing.
    • Presenting “special music” that might include a larger work a couple times a year.
    • Routinely encouraging feedback from the choir and incorporating that feedback into future decisions.
  • Be a part of the worship planning team.
  • Plan adult choir selections in consultation with pastoral staff in a weekly meeting or conference call as appropriate. This should include a healthy mix of traditional and contemporary music.
  • Communicate with music staff to ensure that all music programs are running effectively.
  • With the support of the pastors, encourage and promote faith development, within the choir(s) and beyond, by connecting music with scripture and prayer.
  • Engage, employ and direct instrumental musicians where appropriate, both from within the congregation and external to the church.
  • Attend monthly Worship and Music committee meetings (currently the second Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m.).
  • Arrange maintenance and tuning for all instruments in the church’s possession.
  • If possible, be second call as organist for weddings and funerals. Alternatively, have organist contacts who can fill this role.
  • Coordinate publisher purchase, rental, or permission for the use of copyrighted materials.
  • Maintain a music storage and indexing/cataloguing system with help from choir librarians.
  • Collaborate with Youth music director to have combined Adult and Youth Choir performances in services 3-4 times per year.


Background checks will be completed on all employees prior to employment and afterwards.  The church reserves the right to terminate employees whose background checks are not satisfactory.

To apply for this role, please send your resume, cover letter and at least three references to  Please direct any questions you may have regarding this role to


Pennington Presbyterian Church, 13 South Main Street, Pennington, NJ



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