Mine Hill Presbyterian Church in Newton Presbytery Seeks Part-Time Covenant Supply Pastor


Mine Hill Presbyterian Church Pastor Position Description
Staff Position: Part-time Covenant Supply Pastor
Purpose: To provide pastoral leadership to the members and friends of the Mine Hill Presbyterian Church

Accountability: Presbytery of Newton
• To prepare forand lead the weekly Christian worship, deliverasermon and administerthe sacraments at designated times.
• To assist in the recruiting of prospectivemembers and provide orientation fornew members.
• Pastoral visitation as needed, including the administration of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper
to the sick and shut-ins.
• Attend church events and gatherings when possible, including fellowship hourfollowing the Sunday worship.
• To provide church representation at community affairs when requested.
• To officiate at congregational weddings, baptisms and funerals. This includes pre -wedding counseling, baptismal counseling and meeting with family members making funeral arrangements.
• To participate in ecumenical and seasonal services when requested.
• To moderate the meetings of Session and the congregation; to be a resource forthe governing bodies of the church.
• To attend Stated Meetings of the Presbytery.
• Hold weekly office hours on Wednesday during the time the church Thrift Shop is open.
Time Usage: Fifteen (15) hours perweek
If you are interested pleasesend your PIF to Jeanne Radak, Presbytery Leader, jbradak@newtonpresbytery.org


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