Mass Incarceration Awareness Month – February 2018 – Series of Lectures


Mass Incarceration Awareness Month – February 2018
The Mass Incarceration Task Force of NPC

• Exposing the human cruelty of mass incarceration
• Advocating for change in our criminal justice system
• Honoring Christ in those incarcerated

“John Calvin says it is about two things: the undoing of injustice and the doing of justice. Moreover, it is not about those we find acceptable for some reason; it is about all God’s children, created in God’s image and therefore our flesh and blood.” At the Heart of It All: Kairos, Apartheid, and the Calvinist Tradition, Allen Aubrey Boesak.

The ruler will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40.

Feb. 4th
Mark Lewis Taylor, author of The Executed God The Way of the Cross in Lockdown America

In his first lecture, Dr. Taylor will lay out a portrait of what “mass incarceration” has become in the U.S. today, its various dimensions of social suffering for its primary sufferers and its impact upon all of us in what has been termed “Prison Nation” or “Lockdown America.” Special emphasis will be placed on efforts to abolish “mass incarceration,” with even The New York Times’ editorial staff calling to “End Mass Incarceration Now.”

Feb. 11th
Mark Lewis Taylor, author of The Executed God The Way of the Cross in Lockdown America

In his second lecture, Dr. Taylor explains how mass incarceration and related issues in the “criminal justice” system can become a theological problem, and not only a political, economic and social one. Special treatment will be given to the challenge of transforming key understandings of Christian atonement theory and biblical and theological views of the cross of Jesus, in ways that can enable Christians’ contribution to prison criminal justice activism in “Lockdown America” today.

Feb. 18th
Dr. Ruha Benjamin

The Beautiful Struggle:
Building Knowledge & Courage to Transform the World

In this talk, Professor Benjamin will pair social scientific insights on racism and inequity with spiritual insights on human oneness and justice which, taken together, offer tools that we urgently need to transform the world.

Ruha Benjamin writes and speaks widely on the connections between science, technology, race and justice. She is an Associate Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, a recent fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study, and author of numerous publications. In 2017, she received the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching at Princeton. To learn more, visit:
Feb. 25th

The devastating effects of mass incarceration (over-incarceration) can be addressed on several fronts:
• Pre-incarceration
• Incarceration
• Post-incarceration

Culminating this series, the Mass Incarceration Task Force will discuss its history, mission, and current and future initiatives (e.g. tutoring, pen pals, mentoring, advocacy and support).

Learn ways to become involved that fit your schedule, add your voice, and tap your talents and expertise.

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