About the Facebook Hack
Facebook recently announced a security breach affecting at least 50 million of its 2 billion users. While Facebook is still investigating, Facebook has already taken steps to stop the breach and protect its users.
On September 25 2018, the security vulnerability was detected. Hackers could have exploited the vulnerability in Facebook’s code related to the “View As” feature, which allow users see how their profile appears on other people’s screens. If you used this feature, hackers were able to get access and potentially take over your account.
Facebook has reset the access for the 50 million users who were affected and another 40 million accounts that used the “View As” feature. So, if you had to manually log into your Facebook account recently, it’s likely your account was deemed compromised.
Should you change your password? Yes, especially if Facebook recently required you to manually log into your account; that means your account may have been compromised. There’s no sign that hackers stole any passwords, but changing it will block hackers from accessing your account in the future.
How to change your Facebook password? Here are the steps:
Click the menu icon in the top-right corner of any Facebook page and select Settings.
Click Security and Login.
Click Edit next to Change Password.
Click Save Changes.
Click here for more on how to protect yourself on Facebook.


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