Forest Grove Presbyterian Church Seeks an Office Administrator


Location: 1856 Forest Grove Rd., Furlong, PA 18925 (located 5 miles south of Doylestown)
Send all inquiries to:

The Office Administrator’s office is the central communications hub of the church and it’s ministry to the congregation. The position requires a welcoming smile and pleasing personality, working knowledge of the professional version of Microsoft Office, fundamental networking and operating procedures, and Church Windows. This position is accountable to the Session through the personnel committee of the Session, and will be responsible to the Pastor of the church as head of staff.
The following are responsibilities as Office Administrator:
– Support the Pastor, Session Committees, and Board of Deacons as well as handle inquiries for the Cemetery.
– Take care of daily operation of the church office; maintaining church calendar in office and online; answer and distribute emails; ordering supplies for office and building; letter correspondences such as memorial thank you letters and family letters; greeting church visitors; maintenance of office equipment, and coordinating volunteers.
– Handle all communications in a caring and confidential manner.
– Produce weekly bulletins, inserts and any needed literature for church functions and groups. Place needed items in sanctuary for Sunday worship. Also produce programs for funerals, weddings and special services as well as the annual report and congregational phone directory.
– Editor of monthly newsletter involves receiving all news, formatting, producing. Also involves helping with reminders to committee leaders and group leaders that certain material should be in particular issues and taking the editorial initiative to run needed items.
– Editor of church website involves posting upcoming events, church newsletter and other edits as directed by the pastor.
– Responsibility for all incoming and outgoing church related mail, including postage, pick-up, bulk mailings, as well as sorting and distributing mail to the appropriate individuals.
– Financial Secretary, Account Receivables; knowledge of Church Windows financial record program necessary; enter weekly contributions in financial program; make deposits; and mail quarterly and end of the year financial statements to congregation under the direction of the Stewardship Committee.
– Maintaining the bulletin board in fellowship hall near the office to post updated events and activities.
– Facilitate groups meeting in fellowship hall during the week with any questions or needs.






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