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Are you ready for Growth and more community interaction? Phase 2

Many of you have consistent and/or strong engagement in your online ministry and your online presence. If so, it’s time to leverage this new enhanced communication and flex your muscle!

As most of you know, my goal is to help improve your church’s overall communications within and beyond your church, and as a result of the process we create an online ministry that nurtures the health and growth of your physical church.

Most of my churches have at least 15% of their congregation in their online ministry – essentially, these folks go to church online every day and meet in person on Sundays. Imagine how this can impact your physical church?             


Completing Phase 1

For now your church super users are mostly your church social media users. But please Do Not Forget to add more diverse super users to make it a well-rounded and a true online ministry. Please add:

  • Your Home bound folks or people who still want to support your church, but have moved away
  • People who don’t usually volunteer, but this is an easy thing to volunteer for and gradually ease them into volunteering more in the near future
  • People who only come during the holidays or are fading away from church, this is a great way to get them re-engaged
  • People who just want to help and support the church
  • People who are new(er) members to help them stay engaged


The final step to Phase 1 – is to identify “influencers” in your church to improve call-to-action results in addition to your super users. Influencers are people in your church who know a lot of people and are connected to them personally (they may or may not be a super user), people that have special relationships with the media, local businesses and local government. Ask these people if they would help and make a commitment to help get the word out for church events, outreach and such.

*Establishing Super users and Influencers are incredibly powerful relationship building processes that will strengthen your church and empower members to promote their church.

Begin Phase 2

We look to improve your outreach attendance and/or if you wish add new more effective outreach to get more people to your church. I ask all my churches in this phase to set an attendance goal for each activity, event and/or outreach, and create strategies to reach those attendance goals. We keep adjusting those strategies for your particular community until we reach our attendance goals.

There are 3 types of outreach – Passive outreach, Events that attract people to your church and Outreach/events where members of your church go out into the community.

We also set a goal of how many new visitors you want to your church every month in an effort to increase membership and empower current members to invite more people.

Do you have any questions and/or thoughts? Please let me know if you want help with the next phase of growing your church and increasing community interaction.





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