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Actions Taken at the 11 September 2018 Meeting of the Presbytery of New Brunswick



1. The presbytery approved a loan from the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program for Alexandria First Presbyterian Church; and gave them permission to encumber their property to secure the loan; and agreed to cosign the loan, as required by PILP.

2. Acted on the recommendation of the Central Leadership Team to renew the presbytery’s contract with the reverend Bob Tomlinson.

3. Adopted a motion offered by the Urban Working Group to receive their report “Defining Urban Congregations” and approved the list of urban congregations given in that report.

4. Amended the Plan of Presbytery in paragraph 9.07 to further specify how demographic data is to be used to determine the list of urban congregations, and to specify that the data and the list be reviewed, updated, and approved by the presbytery every three (3) years.

5. Dismissed the Urban Working group with thanks.

6. Elected elder John Parker to be one of the presbytery’s synod commissioners.


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