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Good People:

The worksheet for 2019 Terms of Call is now available  by clicking here.

The tabs for “with manse” and “no manse” are for full or part time with traditional pastor’s participation in Board of Pensions benefits.

The tab for other “forms of benefits” is for part-time positions that are not using benefits from the Board of Pensions. It is just a reporting form; there are no calculated quantities in it. There are too many alternatives to take into account. If you are using this tab, fill in the numbers as best you can and then contact Paul (the stated clerk at and he will help you figure out the alternatives.

There is also a new tab for yoked positions. We don’t have any yet, but may need this some day.

This version has been checked by Paul and Ilene, but, it is easy to miss something in a complex spreadsheet with formulas built into it. If you have any difficulties or find any flaws, please contact Paul.

Thank you kindly.


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