2018 Statistical Report Information



7 December 2018

To: Clerks of Session & Moderators of Sessions

From: D. Paul La Montagne, Stated Clerk
Subject: Annual Statistical and Financial Reports

Good People:
Clerks of Session, these are your instructions for reporting 2018 Church Statistics.
Moderators of session, this is your copy and notification of the work your clerks of session are doing.

The time has come for clerks of session to undertake the annual statistical reporting on their congregations. As has been the case for some time now, resources for this work will be found online only. The information for 2018 that needs to be reported to the Presbytery and the wider church can be entered into the on-line forms by starting at the following webpage:

There is a link on that page for signing in to the statistics reporting system. There are also some instructions and frequently asked questions. There is no longer a separate workbook and instructions for this process available online. Those functions have, supposedly, been built into the program for entering the statistics. I presume that this means that there will be glitches and problems. Please consult Ilene in the presbytery office if you have difficulties.

The system is open to report your statistics as of 1 December 2018, which means that it is open already. The deadline for reporting your information is midnight, Thursday, 14 February 2019.

When it comes time to begin entering your data, remember, the system saves your entries as you make them. You can take a break, leave part of the work for another day, and go back to change or continue your work later, as long as you do not hit the “submit” button. Once you hit ‘submit,’ your data is frozen. You might find it convenient to enter the data prior to taking it to your Session for approval. In that way, as soon as session gives its approval, you can make any last-minute changes and then hit “submit.” Ask your Session to approve the report as soon as possible after you have prepared it. Please remember to indicate in your session minutes that the report was approved by the Session. Also, include in your minutes the two-page summary of your information that can be printed from the “Church Report” menu.

You are responsible for entering your own information directly on the websites shown above. Ilene Black is willing to coach you through the process if you need help. I am glad to answer any questions that you may have. If you do not have access to the Internet or if your access to the Internet is via a dial-up connection, contact us and we will seek a way to make this work for you.

You would be wise to get this done before 10 February 2018. If you wait until close to 14 February to submit your report you will find that the Louisville computers get overloaded and you are likely to not get connected. If you need help, please call the Presbytery office.

Church IDs and Passwords are available at the Presbytery Office. Click to email Ilene to get yours if you haven’t already.

Call us at the office if you have any difficulty with them.

Thank you for your attention. God bless and keep you.


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