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2018 Pastor Terms of Call Worksheets


Here is the spreadsheet for reporting terms of call of parish ministers for 2018. It reflects the new minimum compensation adopted at the January 2018 meeting of the presbytery, as well as the new minimum and maximum participation basis levels set by the Board of Pensions. Congregations with part-time ministers using the menu based options in the Board of Pensions plan rather than traditional pastor’s participation, or not using the Board of Pensions at all for benefits, should use the third tab labelled “Other Forms of Benefits.” The tabs labelled “With Manse” and “No Manse” are for traditional pastor’s participation in Board of Pensions benefits. Congregations and ministers using this third option can contact the stated clerk for help as there are way too many options to build into the spreadsheet.
We would like to have terms of call for all parish ministers (even if they have not changed since last year) reported in time to be approved by the presbytery at its March meeting.
Proofreading a spreadsheet can be tricky. Ilene and I have both had a go at it. But if you discover something, please report it to both of us so that we can get it fixed as fast as possible.

Click here for the 2018 Pastor Terms of Call Worksheets


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