Providence Presbyterian Church of Bustleton, New Jersey

PURPOSE:  The Interim Pastor will work with the Session, church staff and congregation to provide spiritual leadership, pastoral care, and mission. The Interim Pastor will support the congregation to identify its mission and purpose as the body of Christ during the time between installed ministers and the new pastoral leadership.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  The Interim Pastor shall be accountable to the Presbytery and to the session through the Personnel Committee.


  1. Preach, lead in worship and provide a teaching ministry that will lead to the spiritual growth of the congregation during the transition.
  2. Serve as temporary Head of Staff, performing administrative work including supervision of other staff persons.
  3. Lead and guide the Session, committee chairs and congregation during the transition.
  4. Moderate the Session and Congregational meetings along with reporting responsibilities to the Committee on Ministry regarding the progress of the interim period.
  5. Administer the sacraments of communion, confirmations, baptisms and officiate at weddings and funerals of members.
  6. Represent Providence Presbyterian Church in dealing with outside organizations.
  7. Provide pastoral care for those in crisis situations, including home and hospital visits when necessary.
  8. Provide guidance and assistance to the church in terms of:
  9. Leading the church to renewed vision for the future.
  10. Providing a smooth transition of congregational leadership.
  11. Preparing for the welcome of the new pastor.
  12. Strengthening and continuing ties with Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly.
  13. Assist the congregation and session with the issues and concerns that need to be resolved as the church moves forward.
  14. Discovering a new identity –develop a vision to which the congregation is being called, define what the future of the Providence Presbyterian Church will be.
  15. Facilitate shifts in power and leadership. Provide guidance and support in areas of leadership that are most appropriate for the changing situation of the Church.

EXPECTATIONS:  The Interim Pastor:

  1. Will provide outstanding biblical based preaching and teaching.
  2. Be a good communicator and motivator to church family and staff.
  3. Be familiar with social media and technology.

TERMS: Full Time 48 hours per week

LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT: One year with 30 day release clause. May be extended.

COMPENSATION:  To be negotiated using the latest “COMPENSATION POLICY FOR PASTORS AS SET FORTH BY THE PRESBYTERY OF WEST JERSEY” but estimated to be $50,500 – $56,000 depending on experience.

PENSION/MEDICAL: To be negotiated SECA: Estimated $3,900 based on above salary.

TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: Will be at the standard IRS allowable rate.

VACATION: As set forth by the Presbytery of West Jersey policy.


Applications by August 15th to Rev. Dr. Deborah Brincivalli

Executive Presbytery, Presbytery of West Jersey – 856-547-5100 if questions


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