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How Do I Get More People To My Events?


Recently, Pastor Erin asked me to share some ideas to get more people to her church event, specifically a concert at her church. Here are the tips I shared with her.

• If the event involves church members (concert musicians) or community locals ask them to invite their friends and family. Friends and family are more willing to make an effort to come and show support for their loved ones.
• Ask a few *super users/influencers in your church for RSVPs so you know at least they are coming, and if they are coming they will be able to convince others to join them.
• Consider having a pre-concert meet and greet (appetizers & drinks?). Like a pre-event mini party especially for those who RSVP.
• Send a few personal notes to influencers in your church or in your community (people who love music (other topic) and/or know a lot of people) to remind them to help bring/invite people to the concert.
• Send text reminders to church members, friends, families and community influencers and ask others to do the same to get more people to the concert and to spread word of mouth.
*Super Users – are those people in your church or Followers online who help you establish consistent online engagement by making a commitment to check your social media platform(s) and then share your online message to more people.

*Influencers – are those people in your church/community that are connected to a lot of people or have personal relationships with those individuals (other influencers) who can help you reach a lot people. These influencers make a commitment to help your church get the word out, especially for Call-to-Action message.

How do you get people to your events? If you have any tips please share them with me and I will share it with our churches. If you would like help with your specific event or with developing super users and/or influencers please email me at



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