FROM ELDER SULING LAI, TAFPC – I am earnestly inviting you to attend this “Household of Faith” event as I am leading a team to design for it – the 2017 Triennial Gathering of the Presbyterian Women in the Synod of the Northeast (PWSNE). This event will take place on 8/18-8/19/2017 at the Desmond Hotel in Albany New York.  
At this event we will be exploring these questions:
Who is the foreigner?
Who is the native?
What is it like to be “the other”
What scripture has told us to think and do in today’s America regarding the above matters?
By the end of the Gathering,  
We hope all the participants will get a better understanding in our Synod and in our country about “Who is the foreigner?”, “Who is the native?”, “What is it like to be ‘the other’?”  And hope all the attendees will have a renewed commitment to deal with others in love and understanding at the end of the Gathering.
Click here for a registration packet and a promotional flyer.  Please come and invite your friends and sisters to come with you.  The deadline for first timer scholarship is 7/3 and the registration deadline is 8/1.  
See you in Albany New York this summer!


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